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There are 2 main payment methods available for your booking.
1.) Credit card - we accept the main credit cards. For example : Master Card, Visa, JCB and dibit cards with online activation.
2.) Bank transfer
  • Kasikorn Bank
  • Account No. 529-2-00526-3
  • Account Name บริษัท อ่าวนาง แทรเวลแอนด์ทัวร์ จำกัด
Usually a customer should make a payment right after make a reservation (bank transfer). But if there're some difficulties. A payment can be done within 24 hours before the trip is taking place. For example, if a boat is leaving from port at 9:00am tomorrow. You should make a payment not longer than 9:00am today. Or if you're taking the afternoon schedule. A payment is needed immediately!
Due to all the tour packages are priced in Thai Baht. So a customer must pay in Thai Baht. This is because the conversion is not change and it is easy for us to validate the tax as well. Usually when you make an online payment - credit card. You will be charged with Thai Baht according to your booking anyway. You cannot choose the currency.

Suggestions and tips

To make a booking clear and confirm. You need to do these :
1.) Fill in every field correctly. This include your phone number (yours or hotel) and your email address. Just in case of urgent contact in change of tour or other reason.
2.) Your pickup place must be clear. This should include your hotel name - exactly hotel name and/or your room number.
3.) The passenger field must be valid. Even the infant is always free but we need that information to do the insurance.
For the booking of tour package and ferry to islands. Which is booked before 17:00 will get the pickup from your hotel. Because the driver schedule will be given everyday at 17:00. So they can manage their route to pickup the guest from the hotel. Otherwise, any booking later than 17:00, please take a taxi from your hotel to the pier or call our company to ask where the drop off.
If your plan was updated. You can make a change to your chosen tour by clicking the tour link in your cart. And change the detail as you want - date, passenger or pickup place. Or if you don't want to remove it, just fill 0 in the adult input box.

Travel reccomendations

One of the strongest suggestion before getting on the boat is. Having a 100% active and concious. Because on the boat there's no guarantee that you'll not falling down. When you walk with absent mind. You might lose your control on the swinging boat and that's a dangerous condition for you. Our advices are : eat good, sleep well, more fresh water drinking and no alcohol before.
If you planned to stay a night over the island - Phi Phi, for example. You have to confirm your room before taking off the shore. Because sometimes the walk-in quota is not available especially the high season and high price. Also study the direction to the hotel too. Sometimes your hotel is just in a walking range. And you waste your money to hire the taxi because you don't know it.
Event there're the exchange booths on the islands destination. But sometimes the rate is surprising lower than the mainland and less of them to compare. For example you can have it 32 on the mainland but 30 on the islands. So our recommendation is prepare it while you have a time. So you'll get a little richer in your wallet.

Terms and conditions

According to our policy. There is no refund in any case. So before you confirm the tour. Please double check your plan. But you can postpone the trip date if you cannot take it on the voucher date. The maximum date change is 2. So you can only change it twice otherwise your voucher is expire.
The included pickup service of the tour from our company. Will only available for any booking completed before 17:00 everyday. Because a schedule is completely done both online and offline at 17:00. Then a driver will get their tomorrow pickup work sheet. Otherwise, we suggest you to catch a taxi from your hotel to the pier before the appointment time. Please call us for more info.
There are some cases that impossible to operate the tour on your chosen date.
1.) Severe weather. If we consider that the weather is too danger for you to make a trip - a storm, for example. We will try telling you and postpone your trip another day.
2.) If you really don't have a day left to do the trip. We will refund in full amount the same payment you've done.
3.) Sickness - if you are sick with a doctor prescription. Please send us and we will give you a refund with process fee distracted - transfer fee, for example.
  1. Acquisition of personal information
    We announce about purpose of use, provide, whether or not commissioned and way of inquiry in detail as much as possible in advance. Also, acquired personal information will only be used within the purpose and it take measures for no use out of the purpose.
  2. Handling of personal information
    Acquired personal information will be used for its purpose and service provision or interact with client against client’s requirement and authentication. In addition, we strictly comply Personal Information Protection Act and related laws, Obligations stipulated in the guidelines of the competent minister and this protection policy.
  3. Provision of personal information
    Acquired personal information will not be provided to third party without client’s consent. However, there may be case to deposit information to subcontractors as impose obligation of safety management or similar action.
  4. Handling of personal information deposited
    Personal information kept from the consignor is to be managed strictly and used within the contract and this privacy policy.
  5. Confidentiality and accuracy of personal information
    Aonang Travel & Tour will keep personal information up-to-date and accurate. Also, take measure to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage.
  6. Disclosure and correction of personal information
    In case client request to confirm, correct or other act about his/her personal information, we respond based on the laws and regulations. We face the complaint quickly ad appropriately and make effort to develop in-house system.
  7. Response to consultation and complaints
    In case of complaint or consultation regarding personal information Aonang Travel & Tour handle, we will respond quickly and appropriately.
  8. Changes to personal information protection management system include protection policy
    For the protection and appropriate use of personal information, we build personal information protect management system review regularly in order to perform continuous improvement.