COVID19 screening

Description as detailed below!

Well, among the COVID19 situation like this. Surely everyone worries about their safety of their health when going to the crowded risky area. Yes the mass transport is one of those causes. That is why we have to check every single passenger before boarding our ferry.

Of every pier and every boat - Nopparat Thara, Saladan, Phi Phi and Ratsada. We do the same procedure of screening. From measure their temperature until cleaning the boat for your hygine. Every day we spray and rub the touching surface like steps bar, door knob, seat cusion or the drink counter. To provide you the most confidence during the trip with us. 

The staffs from hospital provide the process of checking with their tools and experience. Every tourist happy and satisfy with our policy during the pandemic like this. Yes, we know it risk but we hope you are going home safe and sound.