How to Phuket to Phi Phi by ferry?

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Let's go to Phi Phi islands from Phuket by Ferry!

To go to Phi Phi islands from Phuket by Ferry is very easy. And incredibly cheap and safe! Okay, just answer yourself as the checklists below for your readiness. Sometimes you need to be sure about the information because there are many confusion that causes by you to fail the boat. The procedure below is after you've done the booking online and already have confirmed from Aonang Travel & Tour already.

  1. Where do you live? I mean the zone of your staying. For example : Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Surin, Laguna or up north like Mai Khao. When you know where are you staying. So we can send the pickup right to the place. To pick you up with an air conditioned van with empty space for your lugguages.
  2. What is the hotel name or the pickkup point? Okay, This is easy. But most did it wrong. Just only the misspelled or forgot some words and it change your life forever. For example your hotel name is Patong Resort Hotel but you typed in the booking form as Patong Hotel. So our driver cannot reach you because the Patong Hotel is another one. And the funny is it really existed! Even there is an email confirm the detail but yes, still wrong. If you have luck calling Aonang Travel & Tour call center in time. When the driver is not too far from your hotel. Or there is another van around so they can turn to you.

    In case of the pickup place is not a hotel. You MUST BE THERE! Waiting until the appointment time. For example you put in the form your pickup place in front of the 711 at the Dolphin circle of Patong. You need to be there until the pickup time. If the van is late there will be a call from the company to you.
  3. Prepare your voucher / ticket. Because the driver don't know who you are. And you also don't know where is he from. Because in one hotel. It is not only you who made an online booking to Phi Phi island. Imagine that someone booked a ticket to Phi Phi island but it was a package tour. Besure that the paper have Aonang Travel and Tour printed on.

    While you're just only want to take a transfer because you're already book a room there. So the driver asked you this. "Hello, you to Phi Phi island?" With the Thai accent. And you reply yes without giving him a voucher to check. So he drive you to the pier and when you're being asked about the booking information - your name, for example. Now there is no you in the booking list!!! What will happen??? You will waste the time of getting on the boat and if lucky the pier is not too far from there. They might give you a ride. But if not? Yeah, I presume now you see the importance.